Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Abigail Jenette is SIX!

I can not believe Abby is 6! That just sounds so grown up and un-baby like! :( I don't like it. at. all! The door decorating is a tradition. Everyone gets that on their birthday (except me, but I'm not bitter! nope, not bitter at all! ha! ;)

Stewart the Elf left her a little birthday note, too.

Opening her gift from Stewart!
Her birthday fell on a Saturday (just like when she was born on 12/3/05), so we were able to par-tay on her actual birthday this year! It was a BARBIE extravaganza! Paige and Miss Kayla stopped by. They both cheer on the squad I coach, and Miss Kayla is their babysitter...I also love her so much, I made her my assistant coach for my classes at the gym! :) She's a great, great kid, and we will miss her sooooo much when she goes away to college next year.
And, we almost had a real emergency right before the party started! I was blow drying my hair, the blow dryer flew out of my hand and right into....the toilet! AAAAHHHH! Smoke and flames immediately started rolling, so I closed my eyes and yanked it from the wall (thankfully, not getting shocked!) Sorry, blow dryer...we had a good run, but I guess it was your time to go! ha!
Anyways, crisis averted...it was PARTY TIME! First up, MANICURES!! :) Thanks goodness we had some extra adults to pitch in and help!
Pizza and snacks! :)
And...I specifically said NO presents! You see how well everyone listens to me! ha! Next year, it's back to charity donations in lieu of gifts. I am usually on the ball and we pick a charity to support (something kid friendly that they can understand and participate) and we ask people to donate in lieu of gifts. This year we threw the party together very last minute because I thought we were going to be at my parents that weekend, but we had a change of plans and with Thanksgiving being the weekend before, we just didn't get it done in time. Like I said, next year it's back to no gifts. We haven't done gifts since Abby's first birthday and this is why!! ha!
JUST DANCE on the Wii!! Oh my goodness...these girls were hysterical!
More dress-up and silly girls...we were looking through these pictures after the party and when we got to this one, everyone said, 'oh my goodness...she looks JUST like you in that one, making that face!' haha!
Total chaos...and, I love Abby's face in this one as she pulls her BFF, Ryann, around the house! haha! They act like teenage boys!
Cookie time (you know my girl won't have cake or ice cream...cookie is as crazy as she will get with sweets! ha!)
She did get some awesome gifts, and it was so sweet of everyone to think of her. And, she was very grateful...I was proud of her! This hat and scarf was my favorite! Josie, the little girl beside her with dark hair, made this with her Mom! MADE IT! It's adorable, and we get 10 comments on it every day...or more! I love it!

With all of her sweet little friends! :)
We had so much fun, they were all so sweet and polite. We really couldn't ask for a better group of girls. I love that she will grow up with these girls. And, I know I already said it, but I really can't believe she is six. Seems like she was just born! What an amazing six years it has been. She brings so much love and joy to so many people. There is never a dull moment with Abby around, and I had no idea how much life was about to change when she came into our lives that Saturday in December back in 2005. She came into the world in a dramatic fashion, and she hasn't slowed down since. I always tease her when she's being naughty and sassy and say that I hope she has a little girl JUST like her ;)...and, I do hope that, because I hope she gets to experience how amazing it is to be a Mommy to someone as wonderful as she is. Happy Birthday, to my sweet, sassy, smart, dramatic, creative, beautiful, thoughtful, loving girl! :)

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The McAfee's said...

Happy birthday Abby!! 6 IS so old! I'm dreading it! Looks like such a fun party!

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