Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm not a player, I just crush a lot! ;)

haha! Okay, I couldn't resist quoting that gem of a song for this blog off!

As always, feel free to play along. This time the topic given to us was...who were/are your crushes! Ones from when you were a teen or current ones! And, yeah...I have a lot of current ones! Sorry, Scott! haha!

Okay, all of mine are SO random, but here we go:

Crushes from back in the day (SEE ABOVE since this STUPID blogger won't let me type above a picture anymore-grrrr)....I don't really remember having a lot of crushes. I liked the NKOTB guys, but didn't have a die hard crush on any of them. I don't really remember watching much TV, so I didn't love Kirk Cameron or any of the usuals from back then! BUT....I love music, always have, and in high school I LOVED me some Gavin Rossdale! I'm still a little jealous that Gwen Stefani stole him from me, but oh well...whatever! Can't you just hear him singing Glycerine now! ahhhh! haha!

Another crush that started way back in the day when I was a teenager but is still going strong today is Wade Robson. Since things didn't work out for us at first ;), I now say that he's going to be my second husband and we are going to have little dancing babies! ha! Most of you are probably wondering who he is....he's a dancer/choreographer. Supposedly, he's the one that broke up Justin and Britney! He briefly had a show on MTV, he's a genius choreographer, and well...just look @ him...he's HOT...and, did I mention he can dance! ha!

Another current day crush is Dierks Bentley. I know he has great songs, but I would rather just watch his cute curly headed self on videos. The good music is just a bonus! ha! This is the only crush that Scott acts offended by...as if I am going to run off to Nashville to go get him or something!...I think Scott is just jealous that Dierks can play the guitar and he can't! haha!
Okay, here is one that might throw you for a loop since I am pretty sure this guy bats for a different team so to speak, but hey...I am a equal opportunity crusher and I don't care if he likes men because I LOVE HIM! Anderson Cooper! I love an intelligent guy with a sarcastic sense of humor and a smart mouth! (Hence my marriage to Scott! ha!) And, the salt and pepper hair doesn't hurt either!
That about sums it up! Like I said, totally random. The only other 2 guys I can think of are...

Kyle Chandler....the Dad/head football coach on the Friday Night Lights show! And, David Morse...he played Tom Hanks' friend and the other nice guard in The Green Mile. He was also in Crazy Alabama. Yes, he's older than my parents, but like I said...the salt and pepper hair...love it!

And, of course...SCOTT is my #1! Really, I did have a big crush on him when we first met. We even went to homecoming together my freshman year of college, but we just stayed friends for years and never dated. God knew when the timing would be right! :) Funny enough, though....someone saved a note that I left him in the library one day YEARS before we ever started dating (and he still has it). Sounds like someone had a crush on me, too, huh?! ;)


Sara said...

What about Vince Vaughn???

Jami said...

I know who Wade Robson is. I remember watching a MTV special back in the day when he choregraphed a video for NSync. One of the band members had a hurt foot so Wade did the dancing in the video for him. He is cute!!!

Jaime Mac said...

I'm sorry I missed this until today! It was under the "Abby school drama" post & i didn't catch it! Sorry!
I also love me some Gavin Rossdale...super yummy!
I'm a fan of sytycd (well, I was...until it decided to be on for 4 hrs/week! Who has time for that?!) & he used to choreograph on that show! He IS a cutty!
Thanks for playing along!

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