Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abigail Jenette....

Well, folks this is going to be a post dedicated to my sweetheart, Abby! I don't want to mention it again on Facebook, but I feel like I can come here and ask for just a small prayer, good thought, fingers crossed, etc. for her. She is having a hard time transitioning into Kindergarten, which in turn is making things extra stressful and the worry of a kid at school is multiplied to a degree that I didn't know existed. It has just been a rough week. :(

Day 1 they only went for about 2hrs. She cried when we left (let me add, she is not a clingy, loud, obnoxious crier...she tries so hard to be brave, but those big eyes just well up and it breaks your heart). Anyways, when we peeked in after dropping her off on day 1, we saw she was crying so my friend went in and talked to her, hugged her, etc. After that she had a good day. Day 2 was her first full day of school ever. She was a WRECK about lunch (still not sure why other than its something new and she's always had eating issues), but Friday when I picked her up she said she cried a few times but she was happy more than she was sad! That night I got an email from her teacher just letting me know she was upset, missed me, asked when would it be time to go numerous times, etc. By the time I got the email, Abby had already started puking and was just a mess from a day of worry and being tired, etc. The weekend was fine, we talked about things and prepared for this week. Sunday we were driving into town and Scott mentioned something about how Liv and I could return something at the mall this week. Looked back and she was crying....BINGO!! She is also scared to death she is missing something around here, etc. Rest of the day was fine, she picked out a special outfit to help her have a better day Monday and all of that good stuff.

Monday I pick her up and she has eaten NOTHING! No food since breakfast! UGH! But, she was in a good mood. Said she had a good day, the teacher said the day was much better, we were all thrilled. She excitedly talked about school all night but did mention in passing that a little boy called her a cry baby and let me tell you, I can't even type that without crying myself. :( But, she didn't seem phased by it, we told her if he says it again to tell him to be quiet and just ignore him. Tuesday morning she starts complaining about a belly ache first thing (ugh, here we go again, please not more puking!) We make it to drop off with only a few tears, we hear again that she had a GREAT day, she's excited, a little boy chases her down and hugs her good bye, she talks about all of her friends, music class, computer lab, etc. so I know things are going better but she still won't eat at school. This morning, she really starts with the 'I don't feel good, I'm sick!,' by the time we pull into the parking lot she is crying!

So, I am not sure what to expect today. Hoping for good news and more excitement from her! Keep your fingers crossed!

I just want everyone to see and experience THIS little girl! :)
And, I know we will get there. Abby is a worrier and over-analyzer by nature and not knowing the schedule was killing her, but the more she is familiar with things, the better things seem to be. And, I love her school, I love her teacher, I know she is meeting friends and having fun, I am just so sad about how difficult this has been for her. And, of course, I am scared to death that we will get over this hurdle just in time for Scott to leave and then we will have a whole other transition on our hands.

So, if you think of her, just send a good prayer/thought her way! :) Like I said, I know I will be able to look back on this one day and it will be the least of what we have been through with her-ha!, but it sure isn't fun right now. I am trying to not draw any attention to the crying other than telling her things like, 'remember when preschool was scary at first, but you loved it after a while' etc. I want her to know that we are comfortable with her being at school and that we know she is safe and having fun and learning new things. I really thing the issue is 1. change, 2. her getting used to a new routine 3. her being away from us all day. I don't for one second think it's a major issue, but it doesn't make it any easier on this Momma! :( We talk a lot about how the more fun you have, the faster the day goes and I tell her funny stories of things that happened when I was in school and stories about Scott, Mom, Dad, etc and all of that good stuff, so I hope it's working. I hope we are doing the right things, saying the right things. And, I hope I am updating with a GREAT report VERY soon!! I have to laugh, though, because I don't know why I would ever think this would be easy with Abby...nothing ever has been. She has been high maintenance since Day 1. ha! She told me today she wishes she could just skip to 5th grade! ha! Of course she does...she also thinks she is an adult! ha!

Oh, Abby!!!


Chris and Melissa said...

I'm saying prayers right this minute(!!) for sweet Abby and for you, Sweet Momma! I hate that it's been so rough on both of you! You are such a great mom and I'm sure you're telling her what she needs to hear. I know you have prepared her so well for this. She'll get there! Sending lots of love to both of you!

Jaime Mac said...

My heart breaks for BOTH of you while I read this! I'm sure a lot of it is missing something you are doing while she's gone! Heck, I don't like that now! :)
I'm sure once she gets in the routine she will be fine! Can you pack her lunch? Do you think she would eat it if it's yummy stuff she likes from home?!

The McAfee's said...

Poor thing! I hate this for you guys!! It breaks my heart!! Praying for you guys!!!! :)

Sam loves it and he asks sometimes what we do while he is away. I understand.

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