Thursday, August 25, 2011

Abby Update...

I had a few people get a hold of me last night, asking about her day, etc...

I actually ran into her teacher yesterday afternoon (she had to leave a little early for a doctors appt. and I just happened to run into her...fate, perhaps-ha!). She said that Abby had a GREAT day. No tears at all after drop off. She also said that she thinks (and, I quote) 'a lot of it has to do with the attention I give her and I'm trying to ignore it more since I genuinely think the only issue is that she misses you all, but she is just so sweet and cute and when she comes up to me with that sweet face, I can't help but hug on her and talk to her!' Yep, master manipulator. I have always said that child will grow up to be a lawyer! ha! She also said that Abby is a VERY smart girl, always listens well and does her work perfectly (there's the control/OCD issues again). (Abby even corrected her when she wrote something on the board that was incorrect during math-ha!)

When I picked Abby up she came running and excitedly told me all about how she got a 'Caught Being Good' ticket! So, that was very exciting. And, today there were no complaints in the morning and no tears at drop off. So, if you said a prayer for her or sent her a good thought...THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. They are working! :)

She still will not eat at school, which I believe is a total control thing. That is the one thing that she can still control, so I am trying to not over react. Of course at first I was horrified and asking her about it and I am sure she could tell that I was worried, etc. (who doesn't worry when their child is going ALL day with NO food), but this morning, I just packed her lunch, didn't give her a single option about what went in it and I didn't say a word, just handed her her lunch box and that was that. Tomorrow is grilled cheese day and she LOVES grilled cheese, so I am going to have her eat lunch at school...her first time, so I hope it doesn't send her over the edge, but I have faith she will do just fine. What's the worst that could happen? She won't eat? She doesn't anyways! I hope in the next few weeks we are done with this issue, too.

Some other things to remember about her first week of Kindergarten:

-She has a new friend, Mackenzie, that she talks about all the time. She calls her her best friend from school! :)

-She talks about a little boy named Griffin all the time. He sits at her table and he is the one that chased her down that day @ pick-up! :) He's a cutie and she said 'he's always messing with me and trying to make me laugh!' He also fell off the monkey bars earlier this week and that was the most exciting thing to happen at school so far this year! ha! She says he is also a little wild and his color stick is already on red! (that's the worst color...they start @ green, move to yellow, then red). I asked why he got his stick changed and she said, 'he's really nice and funny, he's just wild and doesn't listen!' ha!

-Abby, on the other hand, has been on green all day, every day and if she ever got her stick changed, she would probably have a heart attack.

-She also talks about a little girl named Taylor that sits at her table and her friend that she has known for years, Faith. And, 2 little girls from her tball team, Ella and Kelsey. It sounds to me like that crew is pretty tight.

-She LOVES music class (they have it on Mondays and Wednesdays) and computer lab (which they also have twice a week, I think). She got in the car on Tuesday and said, 'we learned how to access Ms. Clark's web page!' Uhhhh...okay! haha! I am sure by the end of the year she will be more computer savvy that I am.

-Tomorrow is the first day they will be allowed to check out books from the library. She is SO EXCITED about that.


Jaime Mac said...

YAY YAY YAY! Abby cracks me up! I'm so glad she's doing better... Think about it. She gets to hang out all day w/ mom & sissy. Shopping, playing, etc. THEN she has to go to school?! UGH! I mean, who IS a fan of change?! Pssssh! :)

The McAfee's said...

I am so glad she is doing better!!!!

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