Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My little ladies...

What's new...I am MONTHS behind on my blogging! Grrrrr....this week...this is the week I will get caught up. ;)

But, I had a moment this morning that I wanted to blog about (one of those For Me posts) and since that moment has been on my mind, I realized it's about time to do a blog about my girls. They are growing so fast...too fast! :( I was talking to a another Mom at Abby's school today and we were discussing how we would love to just bottle them at this age. :) So, a little about these ladies of mine...

Abby...oh, my sweet, Abby! My mini-me, the other side of me, my tiny girl with a HUGE heart...and an even bigger mouth! ha! Abby is like her Dad, though. She doesn't always have a ton to say, especially in public, but she can let loose a one liner that will stop you in your tracks and leave you laughing for days! She has the face of an angel (and, that sweet face is what my 'moment' this morning was all about) and the hard head of a bull! But, she doesn't give us a minute of trouble, she's always busy with a project or a task or with saving the world...or whatever she plots in her spare time and keeps track of in her journals! :)

Very rarely do I have to wake her to get ready for school (she's my non-sleeper, remember...has been since Day 1...she even believes she's nocturnal and is so convincing of it, I half way think she's onot something! ha!) But, this morning I had to go get her up. She was fast asleep tucked in her bed, with her sleep mask on-ha!, but I looked at her little nose and mouth and face and she still looks JUST like she did when she was a baby. I just sat and stared at her for about 5min. I didn't want to move her, she was so peaceful and beautiful. I just can't wrap my head around her growing up, going to Kindergarten, one day being a teenager. It's just too much! She's so smart and driven and independent. We just couldn't ask for anything more from her. She's the yin to Liv's yang, that is for sure! ha!

Abby has a bit of OCD...check out the Order of Animals meeting...haha!

And, then there is Olivia (or Liv as we mostly call her...unless she's in trouble-which is most of the time-ha!, then it's the full Olivia Lawson!). Someone told me the other day, 'I believe God makes the michevious ones extra cute to make up for all the trouble they cause!' How true that is! This child gets more and more gorgeous every day! I bet we say 100 times a day, 'it's a good thing she's cute!' ha! Not too mention, HILARIOUS and incredibly sweet! This girl is the life of every party!...and, in Liv's world, every day is a party! She. is. a. MESS! For as serious and studious as Abby is, Liv is goofy and wild. If they continue on with the personalities they have now, Abby will, without a doubt, be a straight A student and very serious about her goals, etc....and, Liv will be the center of all social rings, simply at school because it's extra time to hang with friends! ha! However, I have to say, if her energy and enthusiasm and her need to ruffle feathers is channeled in a positive direction, she is the kind of person that will do great things, make big changes, spearhead grass root efforts, etc. So, let's all keep our fingers crossed with this one, okay! haha!
She's so funny...she will let loose with the biggest, most pathetic fake cry you have ever heard, but if you ask something and re-direct her attention like, 'hey, Liv...want to go outside and play?' the cry stops immediately and she does this hysterical, 'Oh, yeah!' and waves her hands in the air and shakes her butt! We just die laughing at her 'Oh, Yeah!' dance! I have to get her on video doing it one of these days. And, if you ask her something...for example, 'can I have a bite of that?' She answers, 'no you may not!' ha! And, while they are TOTAL opposites, the one thing Abby and Liv have in common is their hard head! We are in TROUBLE, I fear! She is also ALWAYS doing something she shouldn't be...case in point...here she is doing a round off...off of the end of the treadmill! At first, I panicked, but it was pretty impressive, so I had her do it again and snapped a picture! ha!

And, for documentation purposes, the girls must have 20 stickers by Friday in order to go to Holiday World on Monday! They have 4 as of Tuesday afternoon...like I said, it's going to be a loooong week! haha! But, even the sticker chart is a direct indication of them and their personalities...Abby's are color coordinated and in a perfect row, she's contantly looking for things to do to earn more: brushing the dog, cleaning the living rom....Liv threw her stars on there and was off to cause trouble because she had just worked so hard at being good to get the sticker, she just couldn't take it any more! She's probably somewhere right now coloring on my bar with a permanent marker...Oh, wait...that was yesterday! ha!

And, just because it's the sweetest picture in the entire world....these little ladies are the light of our lives.


The Cantlons said...

I'm looking forward to seeing you and the girls. I can't wait to actually SEE those little personalities that I read about all the time. :)

Andrea said...

They are getting so big and are so cute!!!

I must agree with the cuteness/mischievousness thing! Amelia is the same way!!!

The McAfee's said...

They are so cute! I think it has to do with birth oder because my boys are the exact same way! We tell Jake all the time "it's a good thing you are cute!"

Chris and Melissa said...

I LOVE that last picture of them dancing with their daddy! So sweet! And I was cracking up when I read about them and the buffet- Ella was the same way when we took her to one a few months ago. She couldn't believe she could pick whatever she wanted! It's those little things that I just don't think about. Glad to see you're all doing so well. Love and miss ya every single day!

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