Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laura's Wedding...

We also went home that same weekend in Oct. for my friend/college roommate/sorority sister's wedding! :) Laura and I met at college orientation, formed a fast friendship, ditched the people were assigned to room with and requested that they let us room together. It worked and the rest is history! My sister in law, Sara, (Scott's sister) is also my sorority sister and a BFF from college and she was in the wedding, so Scott's family was also in town. It was a win-win weekend for everyone! :) And, if Sara and Jeff were there, that means Baby Will was there....

look how much this kid loves his Auntie Ann! :) (yes, that is what they are insisting on calling me-haha!)

With Uncle Scott!

Heading to the wedding. It was an outdoor wedding at My Old Kentucky Home.

It was GORGEOUS, and so was the bride!

Sara and Laura!

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