Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to the World of AllStar Cheerleading!

As most of you know, I coach cheerleading and gymnastics. I'm sure most of you think that is such a ridiculous, non job, job...but, trust me....it is NOT for the weak! As I have learned over the last year, aside from being a Mom, it might just be the hardest job I will ever have. It takes a huge heart, a thick skin, a fierce determination, and a delicate balance of friend, coach, drill sargeant, therapist, EMT, hair dresser, make-up artist, seamstress, travel coordinator...and, of course, the ability to actually choreograph, cheer, tumble and dance...all of which is not easy on the body of a 29 yr old!! ha! And, on top of that over see a Booster Club of parents, recruiting for the program, and all office and clerical work that comes along with competitive cheerleading. As I told everyone at the Awards Banquet this weekend...when the gym called and asked me to take over this program last year, Scott and I could NOT have been more naive! haha! But....as with anything you love...it's all worth it. :) And, I have gone from 2 daughters, to 26 daughters...and a son! :) I think the world of these kids and I could not be more proud of how hard they work, and what they have accomplished this season! So, just to brag about them for a second, we finished the season with FOUR first place finishes, two second place finishes, one third place and trophies for Overall Best Showmanship and Overall Best Jumps. I am happy to say that we have one of the most successful allstar programs in Southern Illinois. Not bad for our first year, eh!?

Some of my sweet girls! (You really haven't lived until you have experienced getting a child ready for a cheer competition...beware of the glitter!...I think I had a few parents that were actually in shock at our first competition! haha!)
Level 2 Juniors!

These ladies and gentleman were the St. Louis Six Flags Cheerfest Champions!

Awe....my sweet little Minis! These are my girls that are ages 5-8!! They had some very tough competition, and finished 2nd at CheerFest, but finished with 2 first place titles this season!

My Juniors getting their big Championship trophy!! :)
*I know cheerleading can get a bad wrap and it comes with a negative stereotype, but these kids are ATHLETES! They practice, workout, train and condition HOURS each week...all year long! How many other athletes do you know that can flip through the air backwards and land with a smile, lift their own body weight, have a higher vertical jump than most high school basketball players and can blow a kiss as their teammates toss them to the ceiling! :) ha! But, most importantly, they are out doing something active, having fun and learning vaulable lessons about sportsmanship, team work and responsibility! One season over...tryouts for the next start next weekend! Whew....I think it's safe to say Scott is hoping the girls both play basketball! haha!

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Chris and Melissa said...

fun, fun, fun!!!!!!!! wish i could be there to cheer your teams on! i'm so proud of you, coach!

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