Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Playing, playing, ear infection, playing!

That about sums up the last week or two. Aside from about 5 days with a fever and ear infection for poor Abby, we have just been soaking up this gorgeous weather and having a good time. The girls are so much fun. I just love this stage of their lives. Liv is my most favorite age. She is just so fun and silly and it's so exciting to see her learn new things every day. She says everything now, and we just laugh at her all day long. And, Abby is just a darling age. She's the perfect combo of little still, but growing up. She has such a BIG personality, it's easy to forget that she is only 4. She is my very best buddy ever! I say it all the time, but they can stay this age and that's just fine with me! ;)

Who needs a double stroller when the girls can easily fit in the single one! haha! We went on a very long walk like this the other day, and they loved it...even more so than the double stroller or the bike trailer. Crazy girls!

Silly faces! :)

Abby and her Abby doll twin! She will have me dress her and the doll up for photo shoots! ha!


And, this made me tear up...Liv was sitting there and I told Abby to go over and sit with them, and they both look like such big girls. They got real close and cheesed, just like I do with my friends! I can't believe how fast it goes...wasn't Liv just my little wild headed new born!?

Just too cute to not include!
Oh, and Scott got a turkey!

Our doll baby and her guitar! I think I have mentioned it before, but she has an unbelievable sense of rhythm. Abby does also, but I think Olivia even more so than Abby. She can find a beat to any song, any noise, etc. And, you know how kids will dance and it's darling but not always on beat and sometimes a little goofy looking, just jumping/flailing around, etc....well, none of that with Liv. This child can dance like an adult! We have to get it on video. It is SO adorable! I can be teaching/showing Abby an 8 count to a dance I am working on for a cheer routine, etc. and Olivia can do it, too, usually after just seeing it once. It's really bizarre. It will be interesting to see what she does with this musical talent of hers.

Or maybe she will nothing with it but be cute and entertain us! :)

Every night the girls pick out books and we pile on Abby's bed and read before bed! One of my favorite parts of the day! :)
We are so blessed! :)

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The Cantlons said...

Your family is so beautiful! You are the best mom I know. :) Love you and miss you!

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