Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cool, cool, cool tricks...yeah!

Abby thinks Yo Gabba Gabba is so funny, especially the Cool Tricks part. We are always 'working on our cool tricks' and this is one of our best! Usually, Liv will stand on my stomach...then it's a SUPER cool trick! She is always saying, 'tape this cool trick and send it to Yo Gabba Gabb!' haha!

Awww, Liv just wanted to hug instead. :)

And, she has plenty of cool tricks, too. The baby version of a toss to hands! haha! We didn't get a picture snapped in time, but she will stand up while we are holding her. These girls aren't big, but they are strong, that's for sure!

The Human Swing. Maybe Scott and I should just quit our jobs and the entire family can join Cirque! hahaha!

And, this cracks me up....Abby has a 'journal' and she writes all of the words she knows and draws pictures in it, etc. Well, I always grab it and look through it (in preparation for when I snoop in her diary one day-ha!) Anyways, I looked at this and LOST it....yes, that would be B-R-A-T! No more spelling for us. I will tell Scott, 'oh my goodness, 'so and so' is being such a B-R-A-T!' I asked her if she knew what the word was, and she looked at me like I was an idiot and said, ''s brat...I wrote it in my journal because Olivia was being a brat!' hahaha! She has managed to out smart us at age 4....we are in HUGE trouble! :)


Anonymous said...

smart Abby!

The McAfee's said...

ha ha ha!! love all the new pics! :)

Chris and Melissa said...

little stinker, abby! that is hilarious! my mom's always telling us we're not going to be able to spell things much longer, because ella is picking up on it too much. i love all the pics, especially the one of liv cheesing with the guitar. so cute!

nanny said...

oh that just made my day the cutest pictures ever!! you need to blog everyday to feed your mothers craving for the girls; likeyou have a lot of free time, ha Love you all@!!!

nanny said...

I love it when I see new pictures they are adorable

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