Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Healines from the Diprips at CNN!

Okay, for some reason I have NOT learned my lesson, and I still check for the news every day. Here are some of today's highlights!

1. Tufts University: No sex in room while roommate is present (and that is a word for word headline, NOT my take on it! haha!) So, when I see this, 2 things immediately pop into my mind. 1. REALLY!? this is headline news and 2. REALLY!? kidding. It would be rude for your roomate to have sex while you were in the room?? Shocking concept, huh!? So, the story goes on to say that they have had 12 complaints in the last few years from students about this little problem, so the above rule is now a campus wide rule! hahahahahahahahaha! I can just imagine sitting in Freshman Orientation and watching some poor professor try to cover this like it was a real, rampant, growing problem on campus. But, my favorite was the student that they interviewed who has this to say: "I don't think it's something that can really be enforced per se," an unidentified Tufts University student told WHDH. "I don't understand how that's going to work." "If someone is going to go and have sex while their roommate is in the room, I mean I think that's kind of gross. I think it's kind of funny that they would have to make a rule about it." hahahahaha! Again, I picture the RAs sitting in training, going over how to catch and then punish those crazy exhibitionist! Thank you, CNN, not for delivering breaking news, but for giving college kids at Tufts University something to make jokes about and for teaching us all what the word 'sexiling' means.... (again this is direct from the article)-exiling a roommate from the room so the other roommate can engage in sexual activity! Who knew?? Or better, yet..who cared to ever know!? Not me!

2. Darth Vader costume, others on display I don't think that one needs any explanation! Again, Thank you CNN! For a minute there I thought I would log on and see what is happening in this world today, but instead you have let me know that the Darth Vader costume will be on display in Sacramento, CA. How can I ever re-pay you for this very valuable information!?

3. Want to lose weight? Avoid skinny overeaters This is the first sentence of the article: 'If you're looking to lose weight, here's a simple tip: don't dine with the skinny dude who stuffs his face.' Sorry, all of my skinny dinner dates with you. I am only eating with my fat friends from here on out!! I think the article should go on to say that if you want to feel skinny and pretty, be sure to eat with your fat ugly friends! I mean, COME ON!!?? They call this crap journalism!

4. And, just to make sure they hit home with the lose weight vs. over eating issue, Fasting carries risk of overeating! Whew....glad they cleared that up for us because for a time there, I thought that fasting wouldn't make me hungry! I can tell you with 100% certainty that if I fasted for 48hrs, Iwould be overeating on the 49th hour!! hahaha! I didn't need CNN to tell me that, but thank goodness they did! Some people out there might not have known that, and THAT would be a tragedy!

5. The fact that these 2 are HEADLINE/FRONT PAGE stories just ticks me off, and I don't need to explain them, because they are just ignorant! But, just incase you were wondering or cared, here you go:
Tiger may be worth a $1 billion (as in Tiger Woods...THIS is news!! THIS is common sense to anyone that knows who the man is!!)
Jon Gosselin tries to end 'Kate Plus 8' (if any of you still care about these idiots or watch this show, then we are no longer 'blog friends!' hahahaha!)

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The Utz Family said...

Amen Sister!! You carck me up!!!

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