Friday, October 2, 2009

1yr. well visit!

We had Olivia's one year well visit! It was SO much fun! (yes, that is dripping in sarcasm!) First, I planned the appt. at 3:30 in the afternoon, to make sure that Scott could meet me and take Abby, so that I wouldn't have to take 2 healthy kids into a nasty, germ-filled doctors office. Of course, that didn't happen...he got stuck in traffic and Abby had to go along. Usually, our office has us in and out in less than 30min, not this time! Yay, again! We get in there and I guess the lady at the front office got the message when she heard me tell Abby repeatedly, 'DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!' So, she let us go into a tiny little waiting room that was actually for another office and wait so that the girls weren't out with all the sick people. Not that it really mattered, they ended up wallering everything in sight anyways, and we waited....and waited....and waited...and 45min. later they called us back. I was seriously about to have a panic attack by this time, because here we were the only 3 people NOT sick in the office, and we were stuck there for 45min. waiting. Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful that we weren't sick, but it still didn't keep me from breaking out into a cold sweat while sitting in the germ infested waiting room. (and, of course, Abby spiked a fever last night and is sick!...bleepity bleep bleep bleep!) We finally get called back, I sit Liv down for them to take her temp., she takes one look at the nurse and then promtly turned into a child that I do not know! She screamed and cried and fought and kicked and screamed some more and fought and thrashed get the picture, and we were only taking her temperature. Until that day, I am fairly certain that Abby was their worst patient, but Liv now has that award. They, sort of, got a temperature. Then it's time to measure her...hahahahaha! That was truly a joke. Again, she fought and screamed and cried and tried to run and thrashed about and yelled and fought some more. And, her chart now says, weight: between 20-22lbs., height: between, she falls somewhere around the 50th percentile...good enough. And, it took 4 people to give her shots because she is as strong as an ox! Poor Dr. Reger had the fun of examining her. It is always entertaining to watch him with my girls. Like I said, I am pretty sure they are the worst patients he has! It has taken Abby almost 4yrs. to not come completely unglued by just the sight of his office. So, depsite Liv's sunny disposition while we were there (ha!), it was concluded by Dr. Reger and the rest of the staff that she is not only perfectly healthy, but also stunningly beautiful!! :) (we knew all of that, though, and we are truly grateful that she is healthy!) It was SO funny....I was holding her and she had calmed down and I was talking with the Dr. and he was about to leave the room and she looked right at him and said, 'bye-bye!' He was cracking up and said, 'I guess that's my cue to go!' haha! Anyways, we ALL get to go back in 2 weeks to get flu shots....that should be a REAL fun adventure!!!

**For my records!

*She is not only walking everywhere, but practically running most of the time!
*She used to be a great eater, but she is getting pickier and pickier all the time, but she loves bananas, waffles, dried fruit, any kind of bean, YoBaby, and noodles of any kind.
*She had her last little bit of formula earlier this week, and is just drinking milk now, even though she has NO desire to drink it. She LOVES drinking from a straw, so that is what we mostly do.
*She says: Mom!, mamma, da-da, bye-bye, night-night, she will do some animal sounds, ball, owwwwww (in a really pathetic manner when you take something from her, etc...hahaha!), WOW!, here you go, hello, mine (thanks to her big sister-ha!)...and she seems to being saying more and more all the time. I love it.
*She is like a mini-tornado. She spends the majority of her day cruising for her next mess to make. She has no desire to play with any toys really. She would rather walk around and try to shred kleenex/toilet paper/wipes/magazines, remove all items from any basket, toy bin, cabinet, closet, drawer, etc.
*She climbs EVERYTHING, and it scares me to death...she can scale just about anything in the house.
*She LOVES her big sister and they play really well together, for the most part. But, the older she gets the more they fight over toys, etc. It's SUPER funny. Nothing major, but Liv will now take things and hide them behind her back, like Abby won't know where it went! haha! They will yell at each other. It's really quite comical. But, they just love all over each other and they hold hands in the car (melts my heart), and she really misses Abby while she is at school.


Andrea said...

Ummm, 1 year ALREADY!? That's crazy! So happy she is healthy!

The McAfee's said...

OMG!! i am the same way at the dr's office and ours even has a well and sick side......just a germy place no matter how "clean" they are!!

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