Thursday, March 3, 2011

A little bit of 'showing off!'

Showing off their baking skills. Yes, that's right...2 easy bake ovens. I know a couple of little girls that are VERY spoiled by their Nanny! :)

Showing off her dress for Kelly's wedding!! (She's not actually IN the wedding. Abby is, but don't tell Olivia that! ha!)

Olivia showing off her decorating skills by stamping everything in my house with a red raccoon stamp! LOVELY!! I'm going to send an extra thank you card to Joe and Jennifer for that goodie bag! haha! ;)

Showing off how studious she is!...

And, how much she loves winning! ha! (she must get that from her Dad! :)
Showing off her fangs! I think I have mentioned them before on here...our little vampire baby! Eat your hearts out, Twilight fans!
And, this is me showing off how beautiful my big girl is and how grown up she looks now...(and, she wants me to mention her long hair! :) We've been letting it grow for a long time now. I LOVE it!)

And, showing off her Zoolander skills! I mean, really!? How stinkin' adorable is she!?

Showing off our red velvet cake. Come on over for cake. She didn't lick the spoons or bowl, I promise! haha!
And, showing off our bathtime fun!...Or, lack there of! hahaha!
Never, ever a dull moment around here! :)

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The McAfee's said...

fun pictures!! I love those pouty faces!!

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