Friday, February 25, 2011

"You need to get home NOW!"

And, that's how the conversation went Wednesday after noon when I walked down into our basement and found it was entirely covered in water that was ankle deep! Needless to say, I panicked! After calling Scott we had NO idea who to call. It's not like we could call Dad or Goggy! So, I called the first person I could think hair dresser! haha! She's also a good friend whose husband just happens to do contracting, specializing in basements! So, Kraig and his Dad headed straight over. Thankfully, Scott was almost home, so by they time they arrived we were down in the basement wading through our belongings, trying to sort what was now trashed and what might be salvaged (and, let me just say, THANK GOODNESS all of the girls clothing was in plastic bins...I am embarassed to admit how much stuff would have been ruined and had they not been!)


Now, we think the sump pump went out Sunday, because the breaker on the washer tripped Sunday, also, and they share a breaker. It was definitely the sump pump that went out...I discovered the mess Wednesday, so that means our basement had been filling with water for nearly THREE days!! It had saturated the bottom of our stairs, all of that carpet and dry wall is ruined, along with the items that are ruined that we had in storage. THANK GOD we didn't have the basement totally finished yet. And, now we will never will because we are too afraid of it flooding again! ha!

Just splashin' around! ha!

We started tossing all the carpet, cardboard, paper, etc. that was ruined out this window, so we didn't have to drag all the wet stuff through the house. I think Scott wheeled off 5 or 6 wheel barrows full of stuff!

I waited until the pump was fixed and pumping water out before I busted out the camera for fear of Scott throwing my good camera into the water, also! haha! I did make him smile for one picture!

And, the girls were so know how kids get when their normal routine is thrown was like a friggin' party to them! ha! They hung out on the steps most of the night...

And, finally had enough and got their boots on and came down...much to our telling them not too...But, at that point...what the hell?...come on down, girls!

Day all pumped out quickly, I will say that. I am just so grateful that we did have someone who was willing to come and help us. I seriously would have had no idea who to call, had I not called Allie and Kraig. And, it was nearing the end of the work day, so we very well could have had to sit with the water in the basement even longer.

Once most of it was dried out, we had to mop and bleach the entire thing! And, it's a BIG basement.
'It's a hard knock life for us!'...She really was having fun and begged to help, I promise! haha!

We managed to get it all done yesterday, we still have 5 fans and a de-humidifier running down there. We tried to shop vac the carpet but it was a lost cause. Our parents are coming this weekend to finish all of that up and decide what we are going to do. We didn't lose too much, thankfully, other than some furniture, toys, carpet, etc. The garage is full of stuff that is drying out and then we will see what of that we can save or what needs to be tossed, but like I said...the most important things were fine....all that darling little girl clothing! haha!


The McAfee's said...

ugh!!! That happen to us too! not quite as deep, i don't think. it didn't ruin our drywall but i will never forget the feeling when i stepped off that last step and heard the water!!!

Jaime Mac said...

OMG! What a mess! When I was a kid my parents basement always flooded when it rained even a little! (I'm familiar w/ the plastic boots & playing in the water! :)) I know it's a mess & a lotta work! UGH!
(Good call waiting on the could've been face down in that water! :))

Andrea said...

Oh no! What a bummer! Luckily, it's just 'things' that can be replaced!

Hang in there!

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