Wednesday, February 23, 2011


HOMEMAKER! Ummm...who knew one little word would create so much thinking and feeling. We were signing off on all of our tax forms the other day and beside my name, in all the little boxes and lines was 'homemaker.' Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a homemaker and I wouldn't have it any other way, but something about the way it was listed there startled me and made me feel the need to grab a pen and start making notes beside it like, 'I do have a college degree!'...'Sometimes I work 20+ hrs. a week OUTSIDE the home in addition to being just a homemaker!'...'do you have any idea how hard it is to be a homemaker'...and other things like that. Ha! Maybe it was because I was wrapping up a very long season with work or maybe it was because it was listed right next to Scott's name, and his occupation is a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst (See what I mean?? HOMEMAKER listed next to that can make anyone feel the need to jump in and defend their education and intelligence!-ha!), but whatever it was, it initally got a rise out of me. Or, maybe it's because about 50% of the people I meet think it's super that I stay home with the girls, they wish they could, etc. but the other 50% will say something like, ' just stay home with your kids!?' Yeah, I just stay home with the kids, twiddling me thumbs and eating bon-bons while they run around with no guidance, no instruction, no activities...the kids magically prepare all their own meals, get themselves ready, the house magically cleans itself, all appointments magically get made on their own, the car magically drives itself all over creation running errands and getting things done, the laundry magically does itself, too (one day someone is going to catch me on a bad day and some poor person is going to get an ear full-ha!)...and then I feel the need to add that I also work...most of the time in the evenings and weekends, because we have no family here to help with our kids or give us a little break every now and then, and if I do anything without the girls, it has to be when Scott is not working.

But, after all of that went through my mind :), I started thinking about what a homemaker really is and how yes....I am proud of being 'just a homemaker' and everyone should be jealous! ha! ;) Next to God, family and friends...home is the most important thing to me...and, how God, family and friends are involved in a person's life, is what makes a place a homemaker is suddenly sounding better and better. So, who has 2 thumbs and is a homemaker....THIS GIRL! haha! This girl right here gets to be with her kids during all of their firsts, this girl gets to teach her kids all of the little lessons as well as the big lessons, she gets to go to all of her kids activities, she gets to volunteer for all the field trips, to be the room mom, to plan the fundraisers, to host the parties, to coach the teams, she gets to take her kids to school and all of their other activities and pick them up, she gets to be the one who is always there when they are sad, excited, happy and yes, even mad...often times at her! ha! This girl gets to run her household and make all the plans and make sure things are done, people are where they need to go and gets all all the hugs! :) So, here's to all the homemakers! haha!...(but, don't forget I do have a college degree and I am not just sitting at home (although some days I wish I was-ha!) ;)


Jaime Mac said...

Great post! I'm one of those that sometimes says, "Oh, you're just a stay at home?" I mean NO disrespect by it -(& will never, ever say that to you! ;) But when you list all those crazy things you do all day-I'm thinking, 'Man-you're crazy for being a stay at home mom!'
I know it's hard work, but rewarding at the same time!
And what the heck is a geo...blah, blah, blah?!

Wickenkamp Family said...

Girl, I know exactly what you mean...I was just sitting here tonight with my calendar writing down all the things that are going to happen in the next month...Seth and Grace's soccer prac/game schedule, Seth's Karate, Grace's piano lessons, Seth's baseball prac scheule (I haven't even gotten the game schedule) and Grace's T-ball that hasn't started yet...all while we are getting Richie for his deployment...What the heck was I thinking!!! But I wouldn't trade it for the world!!!

Brooke said...

Totally respect you and your decision to be home. Completely tear up and wish that I was that mom that could be there for all of my kids first, do the laundry and keep my house clean (thank goodness for Nana's) When I do get the day off to spend the day with my kids I realize that it is easier to be at work ... haha! You rock and keep up the good work!

Dawna said...


Chris and Melissa said...

bless your little homemakin' heart! =) it's not as easy as so many people think, especially when, like you said, you have no family around to give you a break when you desperately need it. it frustrates me at times, too, when people say, "oh, you get to stay home through the week and only have to work on the weekends", as though all i do through the week is sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. i only wish we lived closer so we could lend a little more support to each other! i love ya!

The Utley Crew said...

Lissa-I know!! :( I told Jen that now that my season is over I have a lot of time where the girls and I can travel, so we need to plan a meet-up!!! There is NO way I can allow you to have a 3rd before I even get to meet the 2nd :)

Jaime-haha! He's an intelligene anaylst for the Department of Defense. He does defense mapping for the government and goverment agencies. Basically, he's a fancy-shmancy map maker! ha! And, other than that, I don't know much! It's great, he can't bring his work home and I never have to hear about his's perfect! haha!

Fideles Five said...

Amen to that, Annie!
Sorry to read about your basement! It's nice being able to take a sneak peak into your looks as crazy as ours! Your girls are growing up so fast, and are so beautiful!
Tell Scott "Hi" from us!

nanny said...

This made me cry, I love it, I am so proud of you Andrea!!I could never put in to words the way I feel about you and your heart!! You have had it together your entire life, you get IT!! you always have babe!! What lucky children you have!!

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