Monday, June 28, 2010

Who says big vehicles are just for boys!?

Scott redneck rigged the girls' jeep so that they could haul stuff! They LOVE it!

Even Liv is in on the jeep action this summer. She knows how to drive it but can't steer for anything...sounds like someone else in this family. haha!

Abby has been asking for the Little Tykes fire truck that sprays water for a long time now. Abby NEVER asks for anything. She has never had a fit in a store, begging for a toy, she never asks for anything special for her birthday/Christmas, etc. So, we decided that we would get the fire truck for her. Well, it just so happened that the town's yard sale was coming up and we decided to participate and rid our basement and closet of some things. When Abby realized what we were doing she was 100% on board and wanted to sell some of her toys. So, we told her if she got some of her old toys together and sold them and donated them, we would get her the truck. The yard sale was a success, we got rid of a ton...and, Abby got her fire truck.
She was so excited that I decided we would put it together as soon as we got home...I didn't need Scott to do it, I am woman hear me roar, right!? haha!

Yeah, one look at the directions and I realized this little shin dig would need to be moved to the garage where the REAL tools were! And, there I am...using a power drill...booyah! hahaha!

We did it...and, yes...she really did help me a TON!

She's off! :)
Watering our flowers! This thing really is too cute! The girls LOVE it, and play with it every day!


The McAfee's said...

your girls are so cute!! my boys wheel around in the 4-wheeler too. they are too much!

The Harrell Family said...

The rigged jeep is VERY funny!!

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