Monday, June 28, 2010

Weeeee're going to Kentucky...

This summer has been filled with MANY weekend trips. We love going to visit family and the girls think it's vacation (poor, deprived things have never been on a 'real' vacation, so don't tell them any different-haha!).

We spent a long weekend in Dixon with Scott's parents! Liv and buds! :)

Abby loves to fish...just like her Daddy!

Liv loves to watch, work on her tan and cause trouble...just like her Mommy! haha!

First catch of the night...uhhhhhh, try again, guys! ha!

These grub worms don't phase her, and we aren't positive but we think Liv even ate one! Oh, never a dull moment with our family! haha!

That's a little better, but they have yet to beat the monster fish from last summer that was bigger than Abby!

Me and my Liv! :)

Go, Abby!!! She caught this one all by herself!!

I even caught one with the Dora pole!
Everyone yelled, 'Liv...noooooo!' at once, so I grabbed the camera instead of running to her like everyone else...It was totally worth it! haha!

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The McAfee's said...

daniel just said that today (as he was walking out the door) "never a dull moment around here!" it's so fun though!!

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