Saturday, July 13, 2013

Update OVERLOAD! :)

I was reading everyone's blogs and clicked on my own, and that is when I realized that I haven't posted anything since May 4th!!! WHAT!!?? So, I grabbed my planner, uploaded about 80 photos and it is time to fill everyone in on what has been going on around here! :) We have been SO busy, so I will start with May!
The beginning of May, Abby had her Girl Scout Father/Daughter dance. Now, we have experience some awesome things with the girls, moments I will never forget, etc. BUT this was one of THE sweetest things I have ever seen. The girls get all dressed up and their Dads/Grandpas/etc treat them to a night of fun and dancing! Abby was SO excited! Notice she in her first pair of heels! ;)

 Daddy presenting her with her corsage! She was one of the only ones that had one! Don't these guys around here know how to treat a lady!? ;)
 My sweet 'big' girl! Time can slow down any time now!
 And, you know I tagged along for a while to get some photos. SO glad I did! :)
 This cracks me up! This is SO me...yelling over to a friend! haha!
 Abby and her BFF, Avery! :)
 And, this is Avery's little brother, Liv's partner in crime and my future son in law! haha! :)
 The second weekend in May we hit the road for Georgia...because my not so little nephew, Billy, graduated from high school! *sniff* But, I can't say enough about how proud I am of him. He's fun, sweet, handsome, talented, smart and an all around good kid. He will be going off to a school in Alabama on a full scholarship for baseball in just a few weeks. Like I said, SO proud!!

The Rose' sister and her beautiful family!
 Proud family with our graduate!
A few days after returning from Georgia it was time to start wrapping up a great school year for both of the girls, starting with Liv's preschool program. Look at that sweet face! :)
 With her proud big sister! :)

 It was so cute...they sang a ton of songs....
 and got to receive their special gifts, an AWESOME scrapbook, made special for each child. I will cherish it forever. I just loved her school!
 Abby and her other BFF, Grace. Grace's sister is Liv's age and they are in school together, too. These two were happy to support their little sisters for the night! :)
 Liv with Ms. Morgan.
 And, Ms. Misty.
 And, the rotten girls! Liv and Lila look SO much alike except for eye color. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with over the years! ha! :)
 And, Mrs. Johnson, her head teacher. I can not say enough about how much we loved this school. She will be in Pre-K at the elementary school this year, which is SUPER exciting, but we will miss this school and her teachers. :(
 Scott and the girls made a quick trip to Dixon to visit his parents one weekend. I stayed back and cleaned and shopped and got a pedicure! ha! ;)
 Next up in May was Abby's fun day. The school goes ALL. OUT. I am the VP of the PTA and we are in charge of Fun Day, so I was able to be there all day and get LOTS of photos. We have inflatables, hair painting/feathers, nail station, crafts, tattoos/face painting, cookie walk, karaoke, photo booth and more in the morning and then in the afternoon we go old school fun day with relay races, tug of war, etc. It's a ton of fun.
 Abby, Avery and Grace! Little cuties! :)
 And, the girls in the photo booth. These 3 also karaoke'd to Call Me Maybe. It was hysterical. I love that she has such sweet, fun little friends!
May also included a field trip to the zoo for Abby, a going away party for our friends that are moving to Alaska for 4 YEARS!!, I wrapped up my first year as a college instructor and coach, and the start of play practices for Abby (lots more on that later! :)


Jaime Mac said...

It's about time we heard from you. Sheesh. :). I love the 1st pic of Abby posing before her dance! She's sassy! I like it!

ginmommy said...

Your little girls, oldest looks just like you, baby looks just like daddy! BOTH ADORABLE! :-)

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