Thursday, March 21, 2013

if you are a Cougar fan...

Oh, to hear my girls cheer for the Cougars! Unfortunately, it is not the North Harrison Cougars and they are purple and white NOT blue and white :(...but i will take it...I guess! ha! :) As most of you know, I coach cheerleading at a college and I teach tumbling. I have also cheered, tumbled and danced since I could walk...probably before. And, have been coaching since college. My Mom used to tease that I tumbled and cheered so much growing up, I probably spent more time upside down and in the air than I did rightside up and on the ground! So, you know I don't hate it that the girls seem to really enjoy it, too. I try so hard to not let what I love and what I do influence them. If Abby wants to take time off of tumbling, we take time off. I have not let them join a cheer squad yet, because I don't want to burn them out or be 'THAT' mom! Liv LOVES, sleeps and breaths it, begs to go to work with me, is a natural gymnasts (we are looking into gyms for her now to see about starting her in gymnastics, learing not only tumbling but bar, beam and vault, too, just to see if she likes it as much as it seems she will). Abby loves the social aspect of it. She loves cheering with her friends at school, going to tumbling classes with her BFF's :), loves the dancing part of it, etc. So, when the local high school had their cheer clinic a few weeks ago, the girls could not wait to go. Of course, Liv was the youngest, but she was so excited she was FINALLY allowed to go! ha! They were excited for their half-time performance at the big high school game.
 I couldn't get many good pics of Abby because she was in the 3rd row back, but she was SO much fun to watch. She did so good.
 This little one was in the front row, and she was THRILLED to get out there.
 Their dance....
 Abby back there with perfect form. Hey, I said I didn't push it on them, but she is my child! haha! ;)

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