Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come on March 14th!

Not only is March 14th Scott's 35th birthday, it is also the day he is 'supposed' to get home! I am at the point now where I am just OVER this deployment. On one hand we have had a smooth go of it. The girls and I are pretty awesome and together (most of the time). BUT, the rest of the time is really doing us in! ha! It's to the point now where Scott and have started making a list of things that I have happened while he's been gone, that have not happened in the almost 8years of marriage...

1. Totaled the car.

2. I got so sick I was bedridden and HAD to have help with the girls.

3. We had to purchase a new car without Scott present.

4. I lock Olivia in the new car, with the keys locked in the trunk and we had to have someone break into our brand new car. (and, it wasn't just a little mishap...she was in there for nearly an hour! ha! Thank goodness it was her and not Abby. If it would have been Abby, we would have gone to straight to the ER because she would have had a panic attack. Liv could have cared less! ha!)

5. BOTH girls get sick at the same time...and, not just sick...PUKING sick! Abby started about 8pm one night and by 5am, Liv was up puking right along with her.

6. I've had to cancel/reschedule work! Usually if a child is sick, it's no big deal because they stay with Scott while I work, but it's not like I will leave a sick child with a babysitter and we have no family here, and I can't take a puking child to work with me, so I had to cancel all my classes and lessons for THREE days last week!

Now, I am NOT complaining, because I know full well that it could be MUCH worse. I am simply stating this and laughing because it's like the universe knows my husband is gone, so it's playing a big joke on me. I pray every day for patience, safety, health, etc. and I know they say when you pray for things, God will often test you in order to strengthen you in those areas! At this time, I would like to say....Got it, Lord! Loud. And. Clear! :) ha!


Jaime Mac said...

Yes I was thinking as I read he was coming home " it's a good damn thing! She's had a rough time!". Ha! Just a little over a month to survive! :)

The McAfee's said...

Counting down the days for you..... ;)

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