Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The tree is up, then it was down, then up again!

...and so on and so forth! hahaha! For those of you on Facebook also, you have probably heard of the tree drama around here (aka: someone couldn't resist getting UNDER the tree and pulled it down 3 times, breaking a large collection of our ornaments and the tree stand:), but it is up and standing again. We have pictures from the first time it was put up, not so much the second and third time, though. Decorating sort of lost it's appeal after the first 2 times. haha!

Little doll! We had all but blamed her for knocking the tree over. We just knew she would pull it over, eat ornaments, etc. and other than tasting a few, she has been very gentle with the tree! :)
Abby's tree in her room!
Look how thrilled Liv is! hahahaha!

All better now...a big shiny ornament solves lots of problems!
Such big helpers! :) They were both SO excited...I LOVE it!

Our bell ringers!
The finishing touch!! :)

I am pretty sure that Stewart, the elf, will be coming back soon!! Stay tuned for that fun!!! :)


The Harrell Family said...

I'm glad we are not the only "crazy" people with a tree up already! We were worried about Addie too.... but she has just been tasting too! Christmas is so much fun with little ones!

The McAfee's said...

i can't wait for stewart this year!! we are going to have one too!!

Terry, Leslie and Noah said...

Haha! So fun!

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