Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Par-Tay! :)

Well, my baby is officially ONE! It's bittersweet. We went home to celebrate with family and friends.

Getting the party started the night before! She figured out how to make the party blowers work. It was so funny!
Me, Mom and Abby decorated cupcakes all night! :)

The little cupcakes are clowns...they turned out SO cute!!
The history of this dress: This dress is 38yrs old and has been worn by the girls in my family on their first birthdays for years. My cousins wore it, I wore it, Abby wore it, and now Liv. I hope I have a grandaughter in it one day! :)

Timmie, hanging with the dogs! That's Cuz, my newest nephew and Tabor, my other brother! haha!

The bigger kids played some games!

Liv is so funny. She is so wild, but she has such a chill personality. She could have cared less about anything that happened that day...haha! She did enjoy her gifts and the paper, though! (Some of you reading this probably remember when Britt was a baby! Can you believe she is almost 15!?, the girls just LOVE her!! I wish I could move her here so I could have a babysitter ;)

Ok, the look she is giving me in this picture is TOTAL Olivia...'what the heck are you doing? and what is the big deal!?' hahahaha!
Yum, Cake! Abby wouldn't touch her cake and she still doesn't eat or like sweets, but we knew Liv would have no problem eating her cake! :) But, she wouldn't touch it until we cut it up for her! haha! Then, she tore in!

'Come here, Abby...I've got a little icing for you!' :)

My Birthday Girl!!

All the little party guests! :)

The girls! The girls were definitely out numbered. (Abby's got the death grip on poor Kensley..haha!)
Playing in the gift bags and paper! I told everyone to just get her paper or water bottles!
Thanks, so much for all of the Birthday wishes and to everyone who came out to the party! We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives that love and care for our kiddos so much!


Jenny said...

cute pics. you should've invited me!

The McAfee's said...

happy, happy birthday!!!!

The Harrell Family said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!

The Harrell Family said...

Andrea...what is your e-mail address and I'll find out about the dresses for you! :)

The Utz Family said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!

The Cantlons said...

So cute. I was sad to miss it! :( I'm glad you had such a good day! Love you guys!

Chris and Melissa said...

Aww, Liv's such a big girl and SO pretty! Wish we could have made the party (of course, my lil' diva wouldn't have let the bday girl open a single present. Ha! Remember Lex at Abby's party?! :). Glad you had so much fun. And no, I can't believe Brittany is 15- seems like she should still be 6 or 7 yrs old! I miss you, Lady!

Terry and Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Olivia!!!!

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